Ebay.com Detailed Review

Ebay.com is one of the giants in e-commercial field. Ebay.com is the official website of an American multinational company named Ebay Inc. that works entirely via the internet. It is known all over the world for its great stocks of products & a world class services.

About Ebay.com

Ebay.com was founded by Pierre Omidyar  in 1995 & has its head quarters at San Jose, California. The online marketing giant is well known for its online auctions & selling a numerous number & a wide variety of different products via the internet. The buyers are not charged extra except for the price of the product they purchase whereas, the sellers are charged with some extra amount.


Categories of Items Sold on the Website

  • Motors: Vehicles of all kinds, mainly motor bikes, cars (classic & exotic, convertible, coupe, sedan, pick up, SUV & van), & trucks are sold here. Also, vehicle accessories & parts are sold as well.

  • Fashion: All the fashion related items & products for both men, women & kids like tops & blouses, jeans & trousers, sleep wear, inner wear, shoes (casual, formal, flip flops, etc), winter wear (jackets, coats, blazers, wind cheaters, hoodies, caps etc),

  • Electronics: This category includes contents like mobile phones & it’s accessories, TVs, air coolers & fans, PCs & laptops, & other electronic items.

  • Collectibles & art: This category of the website has all the collectibles like memorabilia, coins, antiques, history related collectibles etc & things related to art, like crafts, paintings, drawings etc.

  • Homes & Garden: This category includes items & products of home utility tools & gardening tools, etc.

  • Sporting Goods: The name of the category itself suggests that, it is about sporting items. The contents are sports goods like balls (soccer, volleyball, basketball etc), jerseys, other accessories of sports.

  • Toys: Dolls, plastic gun toys, soft toys like teddy bears etc, card games, board games, & all the other types of games & toys are found in this section of the website.

  • Business & Industrial: Office equipments, heavy industrial equipments, restaurant & hotel equipments, etc are the contents found in this section of ebay.com.

  • Music: This section of the website deals with musical equipments, gears & accessories, recorded music & event passes & tickets.

  • Deals: This section has offers & discounts on everyday basis. You will find all the best deals of the day here.

Ebay.com also acts as a platform for auctions in the internet, where the sellers post their items for sale in the website & they are charged extra by the website when the item is sold. So, the multi-billion worth company actually works that way.

Online market has indeed made a huge influence into the mindset of people all around the world. It has actually changed our lives in many ways, especially when it comes to save time & labour. Likewise ebay.com is one of the world’s currently top ranked e-commerce companies today & it could achieve such a high place due to the cooperation with customers & sellers world wide & also because of the 24/7 customer help services.

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