Best Laptop That you Can Have Under 40k

Are you looking for the best laptop Under Rs.40,000 to purchase? If you look for it, then you are in the right place, as I would introduce you with the best laptop collection under this particular price throughout this content.

best laptop under 40k

There are many laptops available in the market with different price. Some are expensive where most are available at a cheap rate. The quality of the laptop depends on the price, but at the same time, some company produces a good quality laptop with a certain price.

Here is the best laptop under Rs.40,000

Today I will share you the list of best laptop that you can own within the range of your pocket.

#Lenovo G50 80: Lenovo G50 80 is a laptop with a good processor which is available within the range of Rs. 40,000. The processor used in this laptop produced by Lenovo is Intel Core i5-5200U up to 2.7GHZ. Where it comes with 8GB RAM and M3302 2GB Graphics Card also a 1TB 5400 RPM HDD Hard Disk. All together this Laptop is a good Laptop to purchase with this certain budget.

#HP 15- ac116TX Laptop: HP 15-act11TX is another laptop which remains on the top list of the laptop under Rs.40,000. This laptop comes with a good design using the processor of 5th generation Intel Core i3 where it comes with a graphic 2GB AMD Radeon R5 Series M330 graphics.

#Dell Inspiration 5555 Laptop: Dell Inspiration 5555 is a good laptop to go with this certain rate. This laptop from Dell comes with the AMD APQ Quad processor using an AMD Radeon R6 M345 HD graphics. It has got a 1TB hard drive with 8GBRAM.

#Asus A555LF Laptop: Asus A555LF is one the best laptop that is available under Rs.40,000. This laptop uses an Intel Core i3-5005U processor where the graphics used here is a 2GB NVIDIA Geforce 930M graphics. It has an 8GB RAM and 1TB hard drive, and this uses a Windows 10 OS.

#Asus X541UV-X0029D: Asus X541UV-X0029D is another Laptop from Asus which belong to this List. This laptop comes with a processor of Intel Core i5-6198DU (6th gen) using a 920M 2GB Graphics. It has got a 4GB DDR3 RAM including a Hard disk of 1GB 5400 RPM SATA  HDD.

#Lenovo Ideapad 300: Lenovo Ideapad comes with some of the best features to remain one 6th list of the best laptop under Rs.40,000. This laptop is good for gamers as it has a good battery backup and all the features of it are much better for playing the game on it. An Intel Core i3-5010 up to 2GHz processor is used here with a graphics card of 930M 2GB. This laptop has got a RAM of 8GB

An Intel Core i3-5010 up to 2GHz processor is used here with a graphics card of 930M 2GB. This laptop has got a RAM of 8GB, whereas the Hard disk in this laptop is 1TB 5400 RPM HDD.

So, this is the best laptop which is available on the Market today. Under this certain budget, you can choose this laptop. Are you are looking to purchase a laptop at this rate? I would suggest you purchase one of this since they can give you the best and better service.


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