Use JIO 4G on Your 3G Phone

Nowadays, there are lots of 4G SIM released out in the market. Similarly, reliance has brought a JIO 4G SIM, which is free to use without any cost, with unlimited callings and internet. It is also one of the most popular 4G in the market. As we know 4G SIM is used only in 4G Smartphone but there is always question arises that how to use JIO 4G on 3G Smartphone. Because many people are using 3G Smartphone and they wanted to use 4G on their 3G device.

jio sim in 3G phone

Today in this content I will share you how to use JIO 4G SIM on 3G phone. There are many ways to use 4G SIM in 3G phone. So, are you also searching the solution for your 3G Smartphone? If yes, then go through the content you will get the solution.

How to use JIO 4G on 3G phone?

Using JIO 4G on 3G phone is simple, as I have already mentioned that there are many ways to use 3G phone as 4G. So, are you excited to know the step of how to use JIO 4G on your 3G Smartphone? Well, You can use JIo 4G on your 3G Smartphone by just following the below given step. But it is very important to know that your 3G Smartphone should have some requirement to perform the method to use 4G on 3G phone.

The requirements are:

  • Media TEK chipset
  • Your Smartphone should be Android 4.4 KitKat or above

Now to know the step to use 4G on 3G phones, just follow the given step to enjoy your 3G Smartphone as 4G Smartphone.

Step to use JIO 4G on 3G phones

The given below points are the step to use JIO 4G on 3G phones. But make sure you are preceding the step correctly and accordingly.

  • Step1: For the first step, you need to download the MTK Engineering MODE app and install on your 3G Smartphone from Playstore.
  • Step2: As you installed, this app will help you to run the advanced setup form the Menu of MTK Engineering MODE. This is also called as Service Mode.
  • Step3: Now open the MTK Engineering MODE app and enter your mobile Specific code on the installed app.
  • Step4: After that just go for MTK setting by taping the setting option and select the preferred network option.
  • Step5: Finally now you can choose the mode of networks from the given option like 4G LTE, GSM or WCDMA. Save it if you have chosen and restart you Smartphone.

So, this is the easiest step to use JIO 4G on 3G phones. And there is nothing difficult, you just need to use your cool mind. And in this ways, you can enjoy unlimited calling and internet access without any cost. As I have discussed in the above regarding the entire step and procedure to use JIO 4G on 3G phones. I hope you enjoyed reading the content without any problem. Hence, if you have any doubt or problems during using the step then please do leave comments in the below-given comments box.

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